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For over 30 years I have been designing the best restaurants, commercial spaces, and residential projects in the Chicago-land area  I know that your project will be a success because I am the one completing it. I work with you from start to finish through the entire process.  I do not farm out or outsource any project; you get me: trusted and reliable service every time.

Architectural Design

What separates me from the other architects or architectural firms in the area is that I take a different approach to your project by working with you, and listening, making your dream in life a reality.

  1. What Elements Do You Want In Your Design? – I sit down with you to go over all the elements you want in your next upcoming project.  I will make sure to incorporate your wish list to the best of my ability.  This also gives me a chance to meet you and tailor your project to who you are.  Finally, I can get a sense of the direction you are going and what you want to accomplish in the end.
  2. Approval – This is where you can see your dream become a reality.  Before any construction begins, I submit the blueprints to you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.  This is your opportunity to add new elements, to review creative ideas I had, and to approve the construction.
  3. Construction – It’s time to start building.  Time for you to see your vision enacted. I will also secure all necessary permits with the town your project is being constructed in; I will oversee the construction of your project.
  4. Hand You The Keys – Your project is done, it is now time for you and your family or your customers to have fun and explore.

Architecture Chicagoland

Make sure your next project is the best.  Make sure your next project is Safe, Make sure your next project is well designed. Call me today at (630) 212-4408, and you can rest assured that you are choosing the best local architect to make your dreams come alive.

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